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Melbourne is a lively and cosmopolitan city. It combines a love for the arts and fine food with a sports obsession to create a unique culture that is revered the world over.

Melbourne holds the title of 'World's most liveable city' which is a testament to its...liveability!

Glance at a map and it's immediately obvious Melbourne is a planned city: a tidy, balanced grid of neatly aligned streets.

Beneath this lies a restless creative energy constantly pushing back at the city's seeming conservatism. From Southbank and the Yarra River to Flinders Street, the Greek and Chinese Quarters, the CBD is made up of precincts, distinct enclaves, each with their own flavour and charm.

Extending east and west around the bay in either direction and to the north are the numerous inner suburbs, each with their own character, personality and heritage. A short tram ride from the city centre and Melbourne's real charm makes itself known as you pass by shopping strips and hamlets dotted with coffee shops, cafes and restaurants that Melbourne prides itself on.

Video Details: Melbourne
Activities: Major Capital City, Sightseeing, Food, Wine, Shopping, Antiques, Accommodation, Swimming, Beaches, Culture, Restaurant
Location: Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
Date added: July 13th, 2011
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