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Paul Cooper

About Paul

Paul CooperPaul’s career in travel and tourism spans three decades. Paul quite simply eats, breathes and sleeps tourism and his boundless energy for the subject is irrepressible.

With experience in radio and video production he has an enviable array of talents.

This sparked Paul to conceive Pre Travel Video in 2007 and oversee its evolution since then.

When not working with national, state or regional tourism bodies around Australia Paul is either shooting videos across this great wide land or jet setting to far flung destinations to tell people about it.

You’ll find Paul schmoozing the Singaporeans, gratifying the Germans, engaging the English and convincing the Chinese, so to speak.

Paul could not imagine he would simultaneously be so close to Australian wildlife you can feel its heartbeat whilst a day later be 10,000 miles away talking to groups of foreign tourism agents.

You’ll find Paul presenting many of the informative videos here at Pre Travel Video, enjoying the opportunity to combine his talents and passions.